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We can provide consulting services to help you develop the Pre-Production work for your video or film. We sit down and listen carefully to your ideas and your goals for your project and we ask a lot of questions. Then we create the Pre-Production map for you. This includes:

• Scope of the project
• Planning and budgeting
• Choosing the right Location
• Tips to shoot and edit your production
• Pitfalls to avoid when you produce your video/film project

We will charge you a consultation fee for these services. The fee can be applied to the film or video if you decide to use Vivia Digital Films to complete your project.

About Us

We approach every single film and video project as though we were traveling to a new country, ready to experience, learn a new language, share a new culture, and see the world with new eyes. We translate that experience into stunning, moving images.

We invite you to have a conversation with us over coffee. Tell us your story, and we’ll tell you ours. Together we will create awesome.

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