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We can provide consulting services to help you develop the Pre-Production work for your video or film. We sit down and listen carefully to your ideas and your goals for your project and we ask a lot of questions. Then we create the Pre-Production map for you. This includes:

Initiation - Understanding Your Idea

Our projects always begin with a robust conversation over a large pot of coffee. We want to get to know you and your company. So we ask a lot of questions and then we listen. A lot.

PURPOSE: What is the brand, service or product you want to promote?

OBJECTIVE: What is the goal of your project? What do you want it to achieve?

AUDIENCE: Who do you want to see the film?

CALL TO ACTION: What will you ask the viewer to do following the film?

EMOTIONAL RESPONSE: What emotional response do you want the film to evoke? What is the style, tone, attitude of the film?

SCOPE: Do you want one film or several films in a series? Does the film need to be a certain length? Does it need to be shot in several locations or just one?

DEADLINE: Do you have a target release date?

PUBLICATION: Where will the film be published? Web site, Youtube, Tradeshow, Broadcast, Social Media?

Once we have a detailed sense of your project. we provide you with a Preliminary Production Estimate outlining the projected cost of the film. We agree on terms and conditions, review the agreements, and move to Pre-Production.

Pre-Production – Planning the Production

Now the work and the fun begins. We develop a written Production Plan that formally defines all of the parameters discussed during the Initiation.

We proceed with Creative development with your input including:

  • Develop a story board – outline the contents of the film.
  • Develop a narrative script – what will be said.

We get your agreement on the story board and script.

If necessary, we refine the initial estimate into a final Production Quote and sign the Production Agreement.

Then we develop a detailed storyboard and final script.

We create the shot list defining each step in the script and order of shooting.

Next we plan the production logistics – securing times, locations, permits, cast and crew.

Production – Gathering the Raw Materials

Lights! Camera! Action! We film and record the events in the script – and begin telling your story.

More steps. Record narration and music tracks.

Gather any required additional media – photos, images, logos, existing clips.

Produce any needed motion graphics, sound and visual effects.

Post-Production – Creating the Film

We assemble the various clips, art work, and sound into an initial rough cut.

We get your feedback on the rough cut.

We produce the second cut with refinements and agreed changes to the rough cut.

Back to you to get feedback on the second cut.

Produce the final cut incorporating agreed changes.

Refine and polish all of the elements including audio mix, motion graphics, and color grading.


We have reached our final destination – a finished film! The final film is delivered in the format you require. We recommend you have the film hosted on Vimeo.com for online streaming to your web site.


We create awesome. We take that seriously and we want you to receive an awesome product.

So our process is front heavy. Careful planning avoids mistakes and misunderstandings later.

You are involved in every step of the process to ensure your expectations are met. If there are any surprises along the way – they should be pleasant ones.

We ask for verbal approval to proceed with Pre-Production given a solid understanding of the effort and costs involved.

However, it is during Pre-Production that a firm cost quote is developed based on a more in-depth understanding of the requirements. The contract (Production Agreement) is signed following the creative development stages of Pre-Production.

Our normal payment schedule is 30% upon signing of the Production Agreement; 30% upon completion of principal photography (Production); and 40% upon delivery of the final film. This is negotiable based on the size of the production and our history with the client.

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